Florence Putterman: Currently Available Works

"Paradiso" XIX, 72x64, acrylic & sand on canvas     "Allusive Metaphors" 52x48, acrylic on canvas


"Dreams Voices Illusions" 68x72, oil                   "Cryptic Tidings" 68x64, acrylic & sand on canvas


"Dreams Voices Illusions" 68x72, acrylic & sand on canvas         "Dreams Voices Illusions" 78 x 85, acrylic & sand on canvas


"Blue Ladies & Elephants" 72x68, acrylic on canvas     "Fata Morgana" 60x72, oil on canvas


"New York Stories," 68x72 oil on canvas                         "Metaphoric Fables" oil on canvas


"Garden of Eden Series" 72x10                                                           "Allusive Metaphors XX" 80x72


"Bird Hand Man" 60x48, acrylic & sand on canvas          "Capriccio" 48x60, acrylic & sand on canvas


"Wachula" 50x44, mixed media on paper                                 "Dreams Voices Illusions" 50x44 mixed media on paper


"Spirits & Essences" 60x48, oil on canvas              "Expansive Narrations" 48x69, acrylic on paper


"Dreams Voices Illusions" 78x85, acrylic, sand on canvas          "Salient Parables" 48x60, oil on canvas




 "Looming Luminescence" 24x36, acrylic, sand on wood                           "Crosscurrents" 60x48, acrylic & sand on canvas


"Interwoven" Dialogues II 48x40                                    "Riddling Legends" 44x70


"Return to Four Corners II" 72x104, acrylic & sand on canvas                      "Bird Hand & Man" 32x35, monotype


"Bird Hand & Man" 32x35, monotype    "Bird Hand & Man" 32x35, monotype




"Savage Innocence" 30x36, oil on canvas                            "Jamboree" 33x32, oil on canvas                                       


"Hats Off" 30x32, acrylic                                              "Return to the Four Corners" 48x88, acrylic & sand on canvas