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Astral Denouements

Bird, Hand & Man                                                                                                                       



"In their ebullience and unaffected optimism, the paintings of Florence Putterman recall the free wheeling inventiveness of the early Modernists.  Having broken all the rules of painting, those pioneers of abstraction fashioned a new artistic language with which to express the remarkable changes sweeping in with the dawn of the twentieth century."

"Today, at the approach of another century, Puttermanís paintings exude a similar careening, feckless energy. Poised between abstraction and recognition, everything in sight appears to be undergoing marvelous transformations. Putterman has imagined a world in which fishes brush up against foxes and spinning orbs roll across landscapes replete with figures, forms and not quite identifiable creatures. At times, we feel plunged into a mysterious underwater realm, where creatures existing in a state somewhere between plant and animal drift lazily in the deep sea currents. In a another moment we are transported to a parched desert, where the blazing sunlight picks up specks of color and gives them an unnatural glow. In these paintings, nothing is static, everything is subject to change, and an invisible energy animates all."


"Puttermanís working method is essentially spontaneous, and the images and forms which emerge from her paintings are rarely, if ever, plotted out in advance. Instead, they unfold as part of the creative process, pulled out of the primordial stew of memory, dream, history and fantasy which comprise the artistís subconscious world. As a result, their meanings and identities are often as mysterious to the artist as they are to the viewer. Hence, Putterman invites us to plunge with her into this world of glistening color and surging form. These may be creatures of her imagination, but with a little swimming, they quickly become ours as well."


    --- E1eanor Heartney, contributing editor to Art in America and author of Critical Condition: American culture at the Crossroads, published by Cambridge University Press

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